How to Prepare Your Car Interior for Snow Storms in Colorado

Normally, when you hear about snow storms, it’s the exterior of your car that would require the most attention. After all, you have to make sure your tires don’t get stuck and that your windshield stays clear while driving on a difficult road in the snow. However, in Colorado, snow storms can be quite severe, and the cold and visibility issues have to be addressed both by modifying the exterior and tweaking the interior.

Preparing your car interior for the winter can be a real challenge. Start off by taking your car in for auto detailing at Also installing car seat covers and mats that can keep you and your passengers warm, as well as placing some extra winter gear in the glove compartment and many of the other storage compartments you might have around your interior is a good idea.

prepare your car for winterAnother thing you’ll have to do is check the climate control and make sure your car’s heating system operates correctly. Failure to do so will make things a lot harder overall, especially when you’re dealing with the need for longer travel.

Finally, it’s a good idea to check all the windows and doors, including the windshield and driver’s door, to make sure that they can all close properly and that there are no small cracks or holes through which much of the vital heat your car generates might be lost.

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What Are the Main Challenges of Keeping Your Car Clean in October?

Keeping your car clean can be a real challenge all year round. But when you’re dealing with the transition from autumn to winter, the problems involved can be even greater and more difficult to handle. Here are just a few of the main challenges of keeping your car clean during the month of October:

  • First, to state the obvious, in most parts of the country, the weather in October tends to be fraught with rainfall and strong winds. Since the lower temperature tends to keep puddles from drying up and rainfall is quite frequent, car detailing in Greeley can clean off dirt and mud on a regular basis.

autumn roadsIn dry areas, dust can also be a great issue because of stronger winds and unexpected storms. Dust can reach not only around your hood and windows, but also in the sensitive mechanical and electronic systems of your car, which makes it even more dangerous.

  • In some rare cases, you can also expect snow to fall in October, although this only happens in mountainous regions or farther up north, close to Canada. The presence of snow will require you to clean your car more frequently and give you a real challenge during a month that should normally never give you so much trouble.

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The Feeling of Driving a Clean Car

The comfort inside a car is very important to the driver, and it largely depends on the car’s clean interior. Not all car owners have the resources to clean the inside of their vehicles at a professional car wash service, but everybody can do a simple cleaning on their own. It will not be as effective as a professional cleaning, but at least it will refresh the interior atmosphere and keep you more comfortable.

As time passes, the interior of the car gets dirty – which is normal. Upholstery, floor mats and floor show the greatest wear over time, because when we get in the car, we bring in the sand, dust and moisture we walked on. In addition, sometimes we eat and smoke in the car, we may accidentally spill coffee, or transport objects – all of which bring their contribution to a dirty and messy interior atmosphere.

auto upholstery cleaningThe driver’s side is typically the most affected, but the other areas should not be neglected either.

To clean the car upholstery, a car wash in Greeley offers effective solutions for removing stains and refreshing colors. For carpet and car mats you need 3 things: a vacuum cleaner, a recipient with warm water and a special cleaning solution. The windscreen, rear window and side windows must be washed with water and glass detergent. As for the cleaning of the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift, we need a soft cloth and we can use antibacterial detergents. For finishing, you can apply silicone oil on the dashboard, which will keep dust away and maintain a neat aspect for a longer time.



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Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Spaces in Your Vehicle

Nowadays, many people call on professional full service car wash Greeley services to keep their vehicles clean, although cleaning the interior of your car on your own is inevitable, at least now and then, even only to remove some dust,  vacuuming the floor mats and disposing inherent garbage (parking cards, vouchers, plastic bottles, napkins, food crumbs etc.).

Greeley car wash

Some areas of the car are harder to clean, but that does not mean we have to ignore them, on the contrary. Fortunately, there are solutions that make our life easier.

First of all, in order to make the car’s interior accessible for cleaning, you have to remove everything that can be removed. If you want to make a thorough cleaning, you can even remove the seats. If not, removing floor mats, door panels, or the middle console will do.

For air vents and other narrow spaces, you can use an air compressor that will blow out dust, leaves and other small debris. Long-reach dusts can also be very useful.

Last but not least, the most important cleaning tool remains the vacuum cleaner. There are several types, but the most efficient ones are those with higher suction power that do not need a power socket and come with many accessories, including those designed especially for hard-to-reach spaces. They will ease your work significantly.

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Keeping Your Car Clean on Road Trips

It is known that for drivers, cleaning their car and, most of all, keeping it clean is often a headache. Some of them, just like some passengers, do not respect certain basic rules and, as a consequence, they often create disorder and make a mess.

road trip car careTo have your car clean for as long as possible on a road trip, respect the following tips:

  1. No eating or smoking in the car

If you eat in the car, even if you are very careful, you can be sure that crumbs and other small particles will fall on carpets, chairs and even get into hard-to-clean places. Smoking is another issue: smoke will impregnate in the upholstery, and cigarette ash can spread easily, all over the place.

  1. Clean your shoes prior entering the car

Often, you realize that you’ve got mud on your shoes only after you get into your car and all the mud is already on the floor mats. Therefore, it is recommended that, in any situation, you clean your shoes well before entering your car.

  1. Teach your children not to create a mess inside the car

For those who have children, maintaining cleanliness is much more difficult, but ultimately it is all about good education. Young people are not always attentive, but it is important that they learn very early in life to respect cleanliness – especially that done by others!

Last but not least, after your trip, search for an auto detailing near me for a complete clean. It is a great way to get ready for your next trip!


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Tips for Efficiently Vacuuming Your Car

car wash services

Many people thought about vacuuming their car using the house vacuum cleaner, only to realize that the cable is too short and there is no powers source in the immediate vicinity of the car. This kind of situation either causes you to go to a car wash, to clean the inside of the vehicle from dust, mud, animal hair or crumbs, or to buy a car vacuum cleaner and do the job yourself, without any stress.

To vacuum your car efficiently, you need a good vacuum cleaner. There are several types that you can choose from:

  • wired vacuums (that must be connected to a socket, or a power supply) or wireless types (that work on battery)
  • vacuums with or without suction hose
  • another idea is to search for a powerful vacuum at a drive through car wash near me and use their available vacuums

Things to take into account when you purchase a car vacuum cleaner

It is always recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner with a higher suction power.

The wired types typically provide higher suction power, but they are less practical compared to the wireless types, based on a rechargeable battery.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the accessories included with the vacuum cleaner. The car has many hard to reach areas and you need the right suction accessories.

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How to Keep Your Family Car Interior Clean and Free of Bad Odors

Are you tired of your family car looking and smelling bad? If you want to make sure you can remove anything from common dirt to pet hair as easily as possible, and get rid of foul odors at the same time, dedicated car detailing Greeley pros offer the following recommendations that should help you out:

car wash detailing

The animal hair on your backseat might be one of the biggest and most pressing challenges you’ll have to deal with. To do so, you only have to use a spray bottle of water and a simple squeegee.

  • When it comes to removing foul odors, nothing beats a reliable car air freshener. Opting for a product that comes from Febreze, Tdbest or Healthy Car should be among your first choices. You’ll find that some of these air fresheners can create a pleasant scent that lasts for weeks, if not months.
  • The AC vents can also get dirty quite easily. To keep your family car clean, a great option is to use a small toothbrush or foam brush to dust between them.
  • Finally, don’t forget to get all the trash out of your car, including from hidden compartments, backseat storage compartments that your kids might use, and of course, common areas like your glove compartment as well.

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