How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have a Dog

dog in carDogs and cars don’t always mix, and the best example of that fact is the dirt that dogs tend to bring into your car whenever you take them somewhere. Of course, you can’t leave Fido home when your kids want him in the backseat. So why not consider a few different strategies to keep your car clean instead:

  • One great way to make sure your car stays clean is to wash the interior as often as possible. Although this might mean going to the car wash more often, it doesn’t necessarily have to. You can also focus on just cleaning the mats and upholstery and making sure you get the odor out before it sticks.
  • Another plan is to buy a brand new handheld vacuum cleaner. Even though this won’t replace a good car wash, a handheld vacuum is a more convenient way to remove dirt and pet hair more frequently. You can even do it every time before you drive off.
  • Finally, why not buy a nice backseat cover to prevent your pets from even touching the backseat? These special covers will prevent any pet hair, dirt and waste from making it to your upholstery.

Even though it isn’t easy to take care of your car and your dog at the same time, these simple measures can often do the trick. However, if you bring your vehicle to local Wash n Gloss car wash, you can save yourself all the trouble and get a clean car as often as you want!

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Is It Time for a Car Wash Membership?

A car wash membership is very similar to a monthly pass to a gym – with a membership, you can wash your car or get it washed a certain number of times or you can have unlimited washings for fees much lower than the standard fees offered by the car wash.

auto detailingIf you love to wash your car yourself, scrubbing the tiniest stain and removing the dust that only you can see, then a car wash membership would be useless for you, but if you want to make sure your car is always clean without doing all the backbreaking scrubbing and dusting on your own, look for exceptional auto detailing near me to find professional local services in Greeley. Here are a few of the most attractive benefits of car wash memberships:

  • You can wash as frequently as you want, without having to pay for the service each time;
  • Enhanced protection for your car – a clean car can stand up to the elements better than one covered in mud, dust, dead bugs and grime;
  • Easy membership renewal – car wash memberships don’t come with a contract, you are free to renew or to discontinue your membership as you want;
  • Discounts – with a membership, you will benefit from preferential prices;
  • More efficient washing – many car washes that offer membership programs have special lanes for members, so you will not have to wait in long lines to get to the washing station.

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How to Celebrate Summer in Greeley

summer celebrationGreeley celebrates summer with lots of events, one more spectacular and entertaining than the other – here are a few things that you can see and do on the day in the Weld County seat:

  • Join or watch the parade – the traditional Independence Day Parade starts at around 9 o’clock in the morning and it goes through the major arteries of the inner city with the most exciting cars and the most beautiful patriotic displays;
  • Watch the fireworks – no Independence Day celebration can be complete without fireworks. The show starts after 9 PM, when it is dark enough to enjoy the spectacular lights in the sky;
  • Visit Carnival Americana – the carnival offers the most thrilling rides for adults and teens and great, entertaining playing opportunities and programs for the kids. The site also features food stands, so you can enjoy some truly American dishes, too;
  • Watch the Demolition Derby – auto enthusiasts will surely love the car show organized with the participation of more than 100 drivers in five different categories;
  • Celebrate summer in your neighborhood – many neighborhoods in Greeley host their own celebration events. If your district does not have anything special planned for the day, maybe you can start a tradition.

In between all your summer fun, look for excellent service drive through car wash near me to find the best local car wash to keep your car looking its best.

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How to Organize Your Glove Compartment

For most of us, our car’s glove compartment is a place where we cram things that we plan to throw away later, such as dried out pens, food wrappers, disposable cups, used tissue paper or receipts and most of us never get to throw away any of those items. However, the precious space in the compartment can be organized to make it really useful – here is how:

car detailingStart with a thorough clean-up – take out everything crammed into the compartment and place the items on the car seat or into a box, then clean the interior of the compartment with a soft cloth and some mild detergent;

  • Sort the items taken out – you will probably have items that belong to the glove compartment, indeed, such as maps, car documents, you will have items that must go to the garbage bin and items that are useful, but are better kept elsewhere. Toss what’s garbage, take useful items to their new place and put the glove compartment essentials back into the compartment;
  • Figure out whether there is anything that is missing from your glove compartment and fill up the compartment with the items that you consider necessary to have at hand, such as our sunglasses or a Swiss knife;
  • Try to maintain your glove compartment neat and organized.

And once  you have cleaned your glove box, think about scheduling a meticulous car detailing Greeley service to get your total vehicle looking its best.

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Tips for Finding the Best Car Wash

car washFinding the best car wash in Greeley that provides excellent service for affordable prices is not easy, so here are a few tips to find the best service in your area:

  • Check out popularity – look for a car wash used by many customers. You might have to wait in a line sometimes, but popularity is an indicator of quality in the car wash business;
  • Find out about chemicals and technologies – find out about the chemicals and the machines used for the car cleaning process. Pick a car wash that uses gentle, but efficient substances and equipment that does not damage the polish on your car;
  • Type of service – if you like washing your car, but you don’t have the space for it, choose a self-service car wash, but many car washes also offer hand-washing and automated washing services, so you can go for the service type that works best for you;
  • Special features – if your car has leather seats or you need special services such as detailing, make sure that the car wash chosen provides that kind of service, too;
  • Ask for advice – your mechanic, your friends or your neighbors can surely help you with some information about the car washes that they use.

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Important Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Professional Car Wash

Not all of us enjoy going to a car wash. Aside from it costing money, taking the car to a full service car wash professional can take a lot of time that would be best spent elsewhere. However, there’s a lot more to the professional cleaning job that car wash experts handle than meets the eye. Following are some instances when your vehicle will absolutely need an experienced full service car wash Greeley professional detail:

automatic car wash

If your car was left unattended to for a long time, and dirt and grime had time to set in, then you might need a professional car wash. The idea here is that regular car washing techniques and products you might use at home simply won’t cut it when your car needs that level of attention.

Another case might be when you went to the countryside, and your SUV had to tackle some muddy, dusty or gravel-filled terrain that definitely didn’t help keep it clean. In such cases, you might be able to tackle the issue with regular cleaning methods, but it can be extremely difficult. A pressure washer might be the only way to eliminate the problem entirely.

If you drove your car through a contaminated stream or other body of water, chances are that the toxic water will have left its mark on your car, and regular cleaning agents won’t remove it as easily. In such cases, it is mandatory to visit a professional car wash, not just to make sure your car looks good, but also to avoid health and environmental issues.

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What to Expect from Professional Car Detailing: Boosting the Appeal of Your Vehicle

Did you know that dirty cars can be a serious safety hazard? You probably don’t need an expert to tell you that, if your windows are dirty, your visibility will be impaired. However, it’s important to draw your attention to the fact that you could be stopped and fined if you don’t take care of that problem. As a result, car detailing is an essential part of maintenance, and it should definitely not be ignored.

A lot of people don’t really know what to expect from car detailing. They have the misconception that it’s an expensive and pointless service that they really don’t need to spend money on. However, car detailing can help with a lot of aspects of car ownership, and you’ll find the price to be quite affordable when considering the best companies that handle that type of work.

Car detailing will leave your car feeling fresh and taken properly care of. The details that people normally don’t notice about your vehicle, such as whether it was recently waxed or the interior is spotless, will all be taken care of. Also, you can expect that your vehicle will be far less sensitive to UV lights and less likely to get dirty as quickly.

car detailingMoreover, if you have your car detailed, it will effectively increase its value. If you wanted to sell a car for $10k before it was detailed, you can typically raise the price to $11k or even $12k depending on its appearance.

So whether you simply want to enjoy a clean vehicle or just wish to maximize profits when you sell your car, look for ‘quality auto detailing near me‘, and enjoy the clean look!

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