How to Get Your Car Ready for a Challenging Road Trip

family packing vehicle for road tripGoing on a road trip can be a challenge in and of itself, even if you’re just planning to drive for a few days. The following steps should help you plan your road trip responsible, regardless of whether you’re going on it for business or for leisure purposes:

  1. Start by checking to see whether your car functions properly. This should be done weeks before you plan to embark on the road trip, to make sure you have enough time to get everything done on time.
  2. Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and that you plan on having enough gas and money for the entire trip. If you have to stop for the night along the way, look up the motel(s) in question, check their reputation online, and make a reservation, if everything checks out.
  3. Make a checklist of everything you will need in advance, including food, snacks, cosmetics and grooming products, as well as medicine and everything the kids will require.
  4. Get a trunk organizer and buy all other car accessories you will need – such as a pet cover to protect the backseat from stains and pet hair.
  5. Get yourself and your household ready for the trip. Double check your checklist to make sure you have everything, and ask your spouse and kids whether they need to pack anything extra. Most importantly, make sure you also have your ID and any important papers you will need at your destination – such as your passport, if you plan to enter Canada.

Before leaving, search for a ‘convenient drive through car wash near me‘ to get the car thoroughly cleaned before your trip. This will make packing, and the long hours in the car, be so much more enjoyable.

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Cool Car Accessories to Give Your Dad for Father’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your dad for Father’s Day? While there are many possible options, car gifts are often considered to be the best. If your father loves his car, chances are he’s going to enjoy your gift, especially if you consider buying him something he’s been meaning to get for a long time.

auto detailingHere are just a few of the most helpful and practical car accessories you can get your dad to make his Father’s Day truly special:

Consider getting him a trunk organizer. Trunk organizers can be extremely good for storing just about anything, whether he’s going on a long trip out of town or on a camping trip with you and his grandchildren.

Dads who have dogs can get a lot of benefit from a backseat cover for keeping pet hair off the upholstery. This is definitely a gift he will thank you for.

A simple sunglass holder is a cheaper product but one that’s no less respectable than the previous entry. In many cases, it’s the gesture that matters, so your father will appreciate the holder along with the fact that you haven’t spent too much money on his gift.

Consider a gift certificate for car detailing. Car detailing Greeley professionals can take your dad’s car and do an amazing job getting it clean and sparkly and smelling great.

Fathers need to feel appreciated and loved too, and there’s no better way to do so than to show that you care about the one item he cares for above all others: his car.

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The Benefits to Polishing Your Vehicle

Polishing is a maintenance operation that is very efficient for enhancing the appearance of the car as well as for preserving the health of the paint, yet is often overshadowed by waxing, the process that involves only applying an additional protective coating. According to Greeley Wash n Gloss employees, here are some of the most important benefits of polishing your car regularly:

car careCar polish being a slightly abrasive material, it efficiently removes the dirt that is too stubborn to be removed by simply washing the car;

  • The polish also removes oxidized paint and the circular scratches on the surface of the paint called swirl marks;
  • By scratching off the topmost layer of paint, polishes help reveal the bright color of your car again and leaves behind a glossy surface;
  • With polishing, you can easily eliminate other minor imperfections, such as scratches as well, creating a perfectly clean and even surface that also shines more brightly;
  • Car polishing effectively removes surface impurities as well as under-surface imperfections, therefore the procedure needs to be repeated only 2-3 times per year, depending on the initial condition of the paint and on the location where you usually park the car – cars kept in the garage are more protected, so they don’t need too frequent polishes.

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Things to Do in Greeley for Memorial Day

patriotic map

Greeley, just about 50 miles off Denver, is an exciting city, with a lot of entertainment opportunities to offer the year around, especially for the Memorial Day weekend. The city is located amidst beautiful landscape and it also gives home to many recreational facilities and parks where visitors can enjoy the bright and beautiful end-of-May weather – here are just a few of the great programs available during the holiday:

  • Explore nature on the Poudre River Trail – the trail runs between Greeley and Windsor and it provides a beautiful backdrop for a refreshing walk, for a few miles covered jogging or on a bike;
  • Visit the Centennial Village Museum – the museum offers a wonderful opportunity to step back in time and to see how the early pioneers lived in the area hundreds of years ago. The museum has 35 well-preserved heritage building, barns with farm animals and it offers great interactive programs that are equally entertaining for kids and adults;
  • Visit Bittersweet Park – the park has beautiful trails and a peaceful lake with ducks and geese swimming on it and squirrels jumping around it and it is also home to the Veterans Memorial and the Police Officers Memorial.
  • Take advantage of the long weekend and get some jobs done around the house. Get a complete car wash from Greeley auto detailing experts, update landscaping and gardening, and cleaning your garage are all some things to take care of before celebrating with a bbq and cocktails.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping the interior of your car clean and organized is very important not only for your comfort, but also for your safety in the car – a littered interior makes the time spent in the car unpleasant and it can also obstruct free movement. If you have been postponing tidying your car on the inside, here are a few tips that can help you do it easily:

car wash interior detailing

Get rid of objects scattered on the floor – food wrappers, plastic bottles, toys, cans, coffee cups have nothing to do in your car’s cabin, so collect them all and toss them into the bin. Look under the car seats and in the trunk as well – litter tends to accumulate in these places, too;

  • Remove the floor mats, shake them, then vacuum wherever the nozzle fits – run your vacuum on and under the seats, on the dashboard, under the pedals, on the upholstery inside the doors and in the trunk, too;
  • Wipe the dashboard and the console to restore cleanliness and shine;
  • Remove seat stains with a solution made mixing equal parts of vinegar and water;

After the interior of the car is clean and smells fresh, all you need to do is to keep the cabin neat. The easiest way is to place organizers around the cabin, such as car trash cans and toy organizers for the back seat.

To give yourself a head start in making sure your car is as clean as possible, count on full service car wash Greeley interior detailing specialists to do a fantastic job.

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What Should I Expect When Getting My Car Washed?

car washing detailTaking your car to a professional car wash is the best way to give your car the care and attention it needs, but there are a few things that you must pay attention to before, during and after the process:

  • If you take your car to an automated wash, pick a business that uses the latest technology – that way you can make sure that there will be no detergent marks on the car exterior after the washing;
  • Check out the products used during the washing – not all paint is compatible with all types of car soap and the wrong detergent can seriously damage the paint on your car;
  • Don’t leave the car wash with a wet exterior – always dry the car or get it dried off with microfiber cloth, designed especially for wiping surfaces in a gentle and efficient manner. Soap residues left on the car are difficult to remove later and they can damage the paint as well;
  • Make sure the bottom of the car is washed as well – the area is permanently exposed to the effects of salt, water, mud, grime, other chemicals from the road and to impact, so its cleanliness is very important.

To get your car looking its best do an online search ‘excellent auto detailing near me‘ to find the best!

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What Does Your Car’s Exterior Say About You?

Your car says just as much about you as your home – here are a few things that the exterior of your car reveals about your personality and your general attitude towards life:

red sports car

  • The color – the color of your car can reveal a lot about your personality. Black is considered to be a color of power and class, white doesn’t hide anything, so it inspires trust, pearl is sophisticated, red is dynamic, blue is for dependable, calm and confident people, while gray is the color most frequently chosen by practical people.
  • Cleanliness – a clean and well-maintained car exterior indicates a caring and neat owner. If the paint is clean and flawless, the chrome surfaces shiny, the windows spotless, people who see your car will surely consider you a dependable person who takes care of his or her environment as well. Check for fast drive through car wash near me online to find the closest car wash and get it cleaned today!
  • The body type – two-doored cars usually belong to people who don’t have kids, crossovers are usually owned by people who have a large family, pick-ups are used by professionals who need a large and powerful vehicle to transport bulky and heavy things, while hybrid car owners are considered to be practical, aware of the importance of environment protection and are people who don’t like to waste their hard-earned money.

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