New Products Used in the Car Polish and Detailing Industry

Innovative automotive production has been one of the main trends that stood out this year and continues to promise new innovations in the years to come. The detailing industry is no exception from this rule, as even car waxing and car polishing products are receiving a makeover. You can now buy improved and highly effective products that will make your car look shinier than ever.

Clean and degrease combos are more frequently bought and used these days, and manufacturers have caught on that the practical benefits of these products have to be improved. Now there are a greater variety of combos and mixes than before, especially when it comes to complete gloss kits and clean and degrease products designed for plastic.

car wash and polish Tire and trim sealants are also on the rise. These products have always been a big part of detailing, and they’ve experienced a surge in popularity in the past couple of years.

Finally, coating kits and sprays are considered more practical and have been given a lot of attention this year. Manufacturers have improved the quality of these products and are expected to continue doing so in 2019 and the next few years.

Although changes like these don’t happen everywhere in the automotive industry these days, look for auto detailing near me for car polish products that continue to improve through innovation, technology and the use of new types of ingredients to get better results.

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Author: Wash n Gloss

Wash n Gloss offers superior car wash and detailing service to our customers in the Greeley area who love their car! We offer 4 levels of service: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our car wash uses exciting technology for superior cleaning and added value to you. Our services include: • Vacuum • Unlimited Wash Club • Full Menu of Optional Services • Polish and Detail At Wash n Gloss we take pride in the fact that we give customers the exceptional quality, clean, and speedy car wash and polish tunnel they expect with the option to have the full service detail they deserve. Wash n Gloss 6913 W 10th St Greeley, CO 80634 (970) 888-3645

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